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Save 2 hours of sales agents daily!

 Make your CRM updation easy with automatic data capture from Outlook inbox.

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How it Works

Time is money

and we save both

Just wave the magic wand and sync your Salesforce data from Outlook inbox

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Why Mavlon?

We want CRM to go extinct.



Reduce manual work

You are not paid for updating Salesforce. You are paid for hitting your sales quota. 

Leave boring work for us!

Why leave your inbox?

Spending most of your time in inbox? 
Don't worry we transform your inbox into a complete CRM

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Create records from Outlook

Maintain single data source

Unleash full potential of data by maintaining a single source of truth.

Every data loss is a revenue loss.

Email tracking without leaving inbox

Track all your conversations and leads from inbox.

  • Get open and click through rates

  • Link tracking and analytics

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Our Customers

Why companies love Mavlon?

"Absolute time saver for us! Can't imagine using Salesforce without Mavlon. Must have tool for every business."

Josh Perry
Head of Sales at


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