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Sales Copilot for Salesforce: A Deep Dive into Mavlon's Safeguards for Your Enterprise Data

Updated: Apr 6

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In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the integration of artificial intelligence into business processes has become a necessity for enterprises seeking a competitive edge. Mavlon, an innovative Sales Copliot for Salesforce, stands at the forefront of this transformation, providing a seamless bridge between your Outlook inbox and Salesforce CRM. In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve into the robust security measures implemented by Sales Copilot, assuring users of its commitment to safeguarding sensitive enterprise data.

A secure Sales-Copilot for Salesforce

Mavlon exemplifies enterprise-level security, reinforcing the app's commitment to safeguarding sensitive sales data. With a robust security framework, Sales Copilot empowers enterprises to streamline their sales processes without compromising confidentiality.

Mavlon's Architecture: A Gateway, Not a Repository

Mavlon's primary function is to act as a secure portal facilitating the exchange of information between Outlook and Salesforce CRM. Unlike traditional platforms that store sensitive data, Mavlon serves as a conduit for data analysis and transfer without retaining any critical information within its systems.

Data Minimisation Principles

Mavlon adheres strictly to the principle of data minimisation. In its database, only essential information is stored, including user email addresses, access and refresh tokens (for both Salesforce and Outlook). This minimalistic approach ensures that Mavlon only retains the absolute necessities for seamless integration and does not compromise on data security. This makes it a highly secure sales-copilot for Salesforce.

Secure Communication with Salesforce

All communications with the Salesforce servers are conducted through the Salesforce REST API, ensuring that data transfer occurs over encrypted connections. This not only protects the integrity of the information but also guards against potential eavesdropping and unauthorised access.

Outlook API Integration: Fortifying Email Communication

To empower users with the ability to update their CRM directly from their Outlook inbox, Mavlon employs Microsoft Graph APIs. These APIs facilitate secure reading and fetching of emails, forming an integral part of Mavlon's commitment to maintaining the confidentiality of communication, hence offering a seamless sales copilot experience.

Salesforce Oauth 2.0: A Pillar of Security

The backbone of Mavlon's interaction with Salesforce CRM lies in the use of Oauth 2.0 for authorising users. This framework is not only a powerful tool for retrieving CRM data but also a key component in Mavlon's commitment to security. By relying on secure APIs for all interaction with Salesforce, our sales copilot is able enhance user experience along with security.

Token-Based Authentication

Mavlon utilizes access and refresh tokens for authenticating with the Microsoft Graph API. These tokens are securely stored in the Mavlon database and are used solely for the purpose of making API calls to Outlook. This token-based approach adds an extra layer of security by ensuring that only authorised users can access the Microsoft Graph API.

Sales Copilot for Salesforce: OpenAI GPT-4 Integration

Mavlon's AI capabilities are driven by the state-of-the-art OpenAI GPT-4 APIs. The integration of artificial intelligence introduces a new dimension to Mavlon's functionality, enhancing user experience without compromising on data security. We rely on GPT-4 for powering our Salesforce's sales copilot.

OpenAI Policy Assurance

Mavlon users can rest assured that their data sent to OpenAI for AI processing is completely secure. OpenAI's policy explicitly states that data used via their API is not utilised for any training purposes. This ensures that the sensitive information passing through Mavlon to OpenAI remains confidential and free from any potential misuse. Hence any data processed by our sales copilot are neither used by us nor OpenAI for any training of models.

Internal Algorithms: Protecting Customer Data

In addition to OpenAI GPT-4, Mavlon employs internal algorithms for enhancing its AI capabilities. It is crucial to note that these algorithms are designed with a strict adherence to privacy and security. Mavlon never utilises customer data for training purposes, maintaining a clear demarcation between operational data and data used for algorithmic improvements. These state of the are algorithms makes Mavlon the most innovative ands secure sales copilot for Salesforce.

Cloud Security: A Fortress for Your Enterprise Data

Mavlon's backend and sales copilot application are hosted on a cloud server, adding an extra layer of protection to the entire ecosystem. The cloud server employs robust security protocols, ensuring that all data transferred through API calls is encrypted and shielded from potential threats.

HTTPS Protocol

Mavlon's use of the HTTPS protocol ensures that all data transfers occur over a secure and encrypted connection. This safeguards sensitive information during transit, preventing unauthorised access and potential breaches.


In conclusion, Mavlon emerges as a secure and reliable sales copilot for enterprise companies venturing into the AI space. Its architecture prioritises data minimisation, leveraging industry-standard protocols like Salesforce REST API and Microsoft Graph API for secure communication.

The integration of OpenAI GPT-4 adds an intelligent layer to Mavlon without compromising on data confidentiality, while internal algorithms are crafted with privacy at the forefront. Hosted on a secure cloud server with HTTPS protocol, Mavlon's sales copilot for Salesforce ensures that every piece of information is treated with the utmost care, making it a safe bet for enterprises embracing the future of AI-driven productivity.

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