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Mavlon: AI Copilot for Customer Service Agents

Updated: Apr 6

ai copilot for customer service


As customer service becomes more integral to businesses across all sectors, service agents find themselves under increasing pressure to exceed customer expectations. Not only are they tasked with attracting and retaining customers, but they are expected to generate additional revenue by cross-selling products and services. Moreover, they are expected to possess the skills and knowledge to resolve customer queries efficiently and effectively. This is where AI copilot for customer service is helpful.

Why do we need AI copilot for customer service?

The role of a Customer Service Representative (CSR) has indeed evolved over the years. It no longer fits into the conventional definition of manning phone lines and attempting to placate disgruntled customers. In the present era, CSRs represent the face of a company, contribute to customer relationship building, and are instrumental in determining customer loyalty.

However, the tasks and responsibilities that come with this role pose numerous challenges. 

As per report by Cisco, the primary measure of success for businesses utilising AI copilot is enhanced productivity, with customer satisfaction ranking as the second most important metric. Following closely are metrics such as average handle time and improved job satisfaction stemming from enhanced customer relationships and satisfaction.

Ever Expanding Customer Demands

Firstly, the complexity and range of customer demands are ever-growing. With the rise of digital technology and social media, customers today are far more informed and have high expectations for swift and efficient service. They expect personalised services, quick resolution, and round-the-clock assistance. Meeting these demands consistently might be overwhelming for CSRs, often leading to burnout. AI copilot for customer service can definitely be helpful here.

Difficulty Finding and Training CSRs

Secondly, finding and training competent service agents is becoming increasingly difficult. As customer service transcends into a strategic role, it demands a certain skillset that includes problem-solving abilities, empathy, excellent communication skills, and technology literacy. Training novice CSRs in these can be time-consuming and expensive. AI copilot for customer service agents can definitely offer a helping hand to customer service agents.

Reducing Handling Costs and Minimising Admin Tasks

Thirdly, the need to reduce customer handling costs and eliminate redundant administrative tasks is another challenge. The operating costs associated with traditional customer services are significantly high. These tasks, including but not limited to updating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and tracking customer interactions, take away the precious time that CSRs could otherwise spend interacting with customers.


These challenges often lead to inefficiencies such as delays in resolving queries and missed opportunities for cross-selling. Furthermore, longer training periods for novice CSRs strain the company resources. Even experienced CSRs may struggle to meet sales goals, in turn affecting customer retention and attraction. At the same time, they detest updating CRM systems, often considering it an unnecessary administrative burden.

The Need for Enhancement

Considering these challenges, enhancing the impact of CSRs becomes essential. Automation and streamlining processes would free up their time from repetitive tasks. This not only allows CSRs to spend more time with customers but also aids in faster resolution of queries. Automated updates of CRM systems can further bring down manual administrative tasks, thereby improving efficiency.

To address these issues and enhance the CSR's impact, businesses must consider the potential of AI copilot.

Why all leading companies are adopting AI Copilots?

The survey results conducted by McKinsey and Company, the best organisations in using AI (those that say AI contributed to at least 20% of their earnings in 2022) are heavily investing in both general AI Copilots and traditional AI capabilities. These organisations also use AI for purposes like optimising their customer service, enhancing the sales efficiency, adding new features to products, and creating new AI-based products.

They also use AI for risk modelling and HR tasks like performance management and organising and optimising staff deployment. They differ from their counterparts in one major way: they are not as focused on cost-cutting and are more likely to aim to use AI to create entirely new businesses or revenue sources. They are most likely to increase the value of their existing offerings by adding new AI-based copilots.

Mavlon: The AI powered Co-Pilot for customer service teams

One such solution is Mavlon, an AI-powered copilot for customer service folks designed to assist them in resolving queries faster, coupled with seamless integration with Outlook and Salesforce. 

Mavlon addresses major pain points faced by CSRs. It suggests the correct case by analysing CRM data, which typically consumes a considerable amount of time if done manually. This allows service agents to devote more time to resolving customer queries than just searching for relevant information across multiple documents. 

Additionally, Mavlon’s AI copilot helps customer service teams by  auto-generates answers of support requests based on the company’s documentation, thereby providing immediate responses to frequently asked questions and reducing the workload on agents.

Furthermore, Mavlon automatically updates the case in the CRM, keeping every record up-to-date and eliminating manual updates that are often a cause of frustration for CSRs. 

Magic of Mavlon

One of the key features offered by Mavlon is the automatic CRM update, which alleviates service agents from the mundane and repetitive task of updating CRM data. It also includes a sentiment analysis feature that analyses the context of an email and indicates whether it is positive or negative. This serves as a valuable tool for businesses to understand the overall customer sentiment and take necessary steps if required.

Moreover, Mavlon’s AI copilot can help customer service by quickly identify the correct case that an email might be referring to, thereby saving the agent’s time. It can even suggest action items extracted from an email thread. By highlighting these actionable insights, agents can quickly identify the next steps required to address customer needs effectively.

ai copilot for customer service

The AI copilot also generates replies to routine inquiries, thus providing immediate responses to frequently asked questions and reducing the workload on agents. This feature can be particularly useful during peak business hours when the volume of inquiries is high.

To give a real-world example, consider a typical day of a CSR at a telecommunication company. With hundreds of customer queries and complaints regarding connectivity issues, billing, new plans, and more, updating each case in the CRM can be a daunting task. Plus, going through company documentation to find solutions can be time-consuming.

With Mavlon’s CRM update feature, the CSR is relieved from the monotonous task of manually entering data. The AI copilot’s ability to auto-generate answers and identify correct cases ensures faster and more efficient customer service. 


In summary, an AI copilot for customer service like Mavlon offers a host of benefits, from reducing CSR workload to enhancing customer service. By harnessing the power of AI, companies can overcome various challenges inherent in customer service and ensure a smoother, more efficient system that keeps both CSRs and customers happy.

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