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Mavlon: Salesforce Einstein AI Alternative

salesforce einstein alternative


In the rapidly evolving landscape of sales automation, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) has become a synonymous word for efficiency and productivity. Salesforce, a pioneer in CRM solutions, introduced Einstein AI in early 2023  as an AI-powered assistant.

It generated a lot of interest from fellow users and technology hobbyists. However unlike all the buzz words, the hype went straight crashing down. So what’s the reason behind that? It was simply a  result of too much jargon and "cool" stuff served without any intrinsic value and use case.

But who suffered because of that - Yes the sales agents, the users of salesforce, their supporters and loyal users. 

In the midst of all the talk about AI, Mavlon, a Salesforce Einstein alternative, shines as a straightforward and practical solution designed specifically for sales professionals. Let's see why Mavlon is the top pick for making sales processes smoother compared to Salesforce Einstein AI.

Simplifying AI for Salesforce Users

Mavlon distinguishes itself from Salesforce Einstein AI by being the pioneer of simplicity in AI-powered sales tools for Salesforce users. While Einstein AI may boast of its features, Mavlon focuses on solving real-world problems encountered by sales teams. One such challenge is the identification of the correct opportunity and objects within Salesforce.

Duplicate contacts plague many enterprises, but Mavlon tackles this issue adeptly by harnessing AI to suggest the right object, whether it's a lead, contact, or other entities, based on email content analysis.

Bridging the Gap between Sales Reps and CRM

Imagine a scenario where sales teams seamlessly interact with Salesforce without the need for extensive manual input. Mavlon makes this a reality with its intuitive interface and AI-driven capabilities.

Unlike Einstein AI, which primarily generates email reply prompts, Mavlon goes beyond by suggesting action items to users based on email content analysis. From creating opportunities to updating deal stages, Mavlon automates tedious tasks, allowing sales agents to focus on what truly matters: selling and closing deals.

AI-Powered Efficiency at Your Fingertips

Mavlon revolutionises the sales experience by utilising AI to reduce friction between sales reps and CRM systems. While Einstein AI falls short in addressing core user concerns, Mavlon empowers sales agents with features designed to enhance productivity and accuracy.

By analysing email sentiments and content, Mavlon identifies potential leads' interest levels, streamlining the sales process and enabling timely follow-ups.

Maintaining Data Hygiene with AI Precision

Data hygiene is crucial for effective CRM management, yet it often becomes a daunting task for sales reps. Mavlon alleviates this burden by automatically updating Salesforce records based on email content analysis. From filling empty fields to identifying outdated information, Mavlon ensures that CRM data remains accurate and up to date. Moreover, Mavlon's AI-driven approach prevents the proliferation of duplicate objects, such as contacts and opportunities, by suggesting the correct records based on context and sentiments.

Practicality Over Hype: Mavlon's Approach to AI

In contrast to Salesforce Einstein AI, which may seem like a combination of chat-based AI and CRM functionalities without addressing core user needs, Mavlon remains committed to practicality and value-driven solutions. Mavlon's main objective is to make the lives of sales agents easier by seamlessly integrating AI into their workflow, enabling them to focus on driving sales and achieving targets.

Why Mavlon is the perfect alternative of Salesforce Einstein AI?

  • Mavlon suggests action items based on email content analysis, surpassing Salesforce Einstein AI's limited email reply prompts.

  • Mavlon's AI-driven approach prevents duplicate objects in Salesforce by suggesting correct records based on context and sentiments.

  • The intuitive interface and robust features of Mavlon streamline tasks, enabling sales agents to focus on closing deals instead of navigating complex CRM systems.


AI has now definitely came out of just being tagged as hype or bubble, It’s been proved that if used well and focused on the correct niche,  it can harness itself into a very powerful fuel, which can be aided to make one’s life extremely easy. 

While Salesforce Einstein AI may have garnered attention for its AI capabilities, Mavlon emerges as a superior alternative for sales professionals seeking simplicity, efficiency, and practicality in their CRM experience. By leveraging the power of AI to streamline sales processes, reduce manual effort, and maintain data accuracy, Mavlon paves the way for the future of sales automation.

As businesses strive to stay ahead in a competitive market, embracing Mavlon as the AI-powered assistant for Salesforce promises to revolutionise sales operations and drive success in the digital age.

salesforce einstein alternative

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