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Best Sales Co-pilot for Salesforce

Introducing Mavlon, your ultimate Salesforce Outlook plugin! This powerhouse seamlessly syncs your inbox with Salesforce, making data management a breeze. Thanks to its cutting-edge Generative AI technology, Mavlon doesn't just sync – it empowers you with real-time insights and tailor-made recommendations.

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Why Mavlon is the best Salesforce Outlook Plugin?

Why settle for the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary? Our plugin not only syncs effortlessly but also adds a touch of AI magic to make your sales woes disappear. It's not just a tool; it's your sales sidekick.

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Bring Salesforce to your Inbox

With this powerful feature, you can literally bring your entire Salesforce in your Outlook inbox. This capability of Salesforce Outlook plugin makes it one of the most powerful product out there. Having a small sidebar with complete CRM offerings is not less then a life saver for sales agent.

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Data Sync

Using Mavlon's Salesforce Outlook plugin one can easily sync their data bidirectionally from Outlook to Salesforce. It offers both manual and automatic syncing options. For automatic mail and tasks syncing, one doesn't requires Salesforce Outlook plugin. You can just setup the rules in the dashboard, it will start running in background to sync your records without your any user intervention.

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Create and Update records from Salesforce

You can create, update, and delete records in Salesforce without leaving your Outlook inbox. The Salesforce Outlook plugin allows you to create custom records directly within your Outlook environment. Whether you need to log a customer interaction, create a custom case, or track a unique type of data, you have the flexibility to do so without switching between applications.


Power of Generative AI

With Mavlon you can convert your CRM into an intelligent ally. Mavlon will suggest you right action items after analysing email content and identifies right opportunities that particular email is talking about. 

It will also prompt you to schedule meeting, tasks, events based on the email content and Salesforce data.

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Our Customers Say

Salesforce outlook plugin customer
The best Salesforce Outlook plugin out there. It is definitely a game changer for out sales team

Alexa Nguyen,

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